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I believe in the entire presence and holding space for the other while walking through the same self-discovery valley as I did.

But since credentials are appreciated in the linear, masculine, structured world, here they are:


  • My educational background and education are in Special Education and Psychology, B.S. in Psychology and M.A. in Inclusive Education

  • Third Wave certified Psychedelic Coach and Guide

My love for human psychology and personal development allowed me to dive deeper into exploring my core wounds, healing, and tapping into my creativity. I found many answers in plant medicine practices.

why I wake up every morning

Until 27 years old, I was depressed, unhappy and unsettled. Something in my life was missing.

I travelled the world to find something, not knowing what. And after a long windy road, I learned that I was looking for myself, my true essence that was hidden behind my people pleasing or it was suppressed because I wanted to fit in, to be loved and accepted. 

What was missing was the connection to myself.

When I started accessing that, I felt alive; I woke up to the beauty of life and the miracles that surround me, I had purpose.

This was my birthright, and it was stolen from me when I was told what to be and how to live my life.

11 years ago I left Romania, and since then, 

I started life from zero in 3 different countries, changed careers 3 times, traveled the world and created transformative experiences with others. 

And I am living the life I always wanted to!

If I can do it, so can YOU!

My mission is to inspire and empower YOU to live life according to your true essence, instead of living inside the box your were born in. 


You have the freedom to live as you desire, to show up as it feels aligned and to create what you want in your life. 



Things I've created

I've been a GUEST

As a writer

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As a retreat and event planner


Learning about Microdosing Psychedelics 

Mid last year, I started learning about microdosing. I stumbled upon the concept while researching the different ways in which people use psychedelics. Immediately it captured my attention with its innumerable reported benefits including better focus, tapping into your creativity, and boosting your liveliness. I felt it was just what I needed as I was transitioning into a new role at work, where creative work was balanced with analytical tasks. I had found it difficult to switch from one mode to the other, often finding myself unproductive and unfocused. Microdosing psychedelics sounded like a great solution. Unlike many, I wasn’t scared of psychedelics and I was eager to experience their insightful effects more often than just once every few months. So I set about my research, having questions like:


  • How much should I take?

  • When should I dose?

  • How often should I dose?

  • What type of psychedelics should I microdose with?

  • What are the benefits of microdosing psychedelics?

  • What are the long-term effects?

  • Are there any side effects associated with microdosing?


The sheer amount of information I found on the internet was overwhelming and, at times, contradictory. After plowing through a multitude of articles, I was finally able to draw some conclusions, feeling that I had developed a good idea of what I was doing. My second challenge was to find a source for these “microdosing kits” that I kept hearing about on the internet. I had no idea what they should look like or how to get my hands on one. My strategy was to ask everyone I knew about this newfound curiosity of mine until I found someone who could help me source my microdoses. Soon enough, while sharing my desire and determination to find microdosing kits at a house party, a random person said they had a source, and I ordered my kit right away!


My First Time Microdosing

Arriving at the office at 9 AM, I decided it was the best time to take my microdose as I knew that I’d start enjoying the benefits half an hour later. As I sat at my desk to tackle my to-do list, I knew the time was right. I was excited, a little nervous, and also curious to see what microdosing would bring to my day. 


Oh my, the unexpected! I started feeling a bit uneasy, light-headed, nauseous, and somewhat unfocused. I kept telling myself that it would go away, but as the day progressed, I developed a headache and felt myself getting tired intermittently, feeling both famished and thirsty. I was not productive, nor able to be fully present, and my mood was lower than average. As time went on, my emotions seemed to spiral out of control.


My rookie mistakes 

As you know by now, my first microdosing experience was rather unpleasant, and for most people that would be enough of a reason to not try it again. However, I couldn’t stop thinking about all these amazing benefits that I had read about, and I knew that I was missing something. 


After a lot more research and consulting with others who had microdosed before, I learned that I had inevitably made some rookie mistakes. In my failure, I learned many important lessons that I wish I’d known about before. One of the first things that I learned was that my microdose was not actually “micro” and that everyone has a different threshold for substances. 


One of the first things I learned was that my microdose was too high and in fact, everyone has a different threshold for their microdose. Secondly, I realized that there should be more intentionality in a microodosing practice. You shouldn’t mindlessly take a microdose on your way to work. Psychedelics are powerful substances that should be approached with reverence and it’s important to remind yourself why are you taking them.


Another crucial realization was that microdosing couples well with meditative practice and grounding techniques. Namely, in that psychedelics are not numbing agents, and they put you in contact with the full spectrum of your emotion. They can bring to the surface emotions we are trying to escape from. Learning how to be in touch with yourself and how to ground yourself when emotions start to surface inwardly is essential.

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