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Mastermind and psychedelics
where business meets soul 

Growth and connection are two of the most important human needs.
Join a community where we inspire each other to continue bringing our vision into this world, and where you feel empowered to share your gifts and expertise with the group and with the world


we meet ourselves in each other

"There is something magical about witnessing my experience in others. I thought I was all alone on this self-discovery and self-expressive journey, but knowing there are others that share the expansion excites me.

I feel empowered to bring more of my essence into my life, to show up and live by my highest self values. Life is easier this way! Everything just clicks, like magic.

Paula G.

Mastermind Of Radical Self-Expression

"Don't try to fit where you don't belong."

For the longest time, I didn't quite feel like I belonged, never felt at home, always on the run to live somewhere else, to do something new, to experience life. My best friend, Diana, once suggested I should stop running away! I took that as an offence because in my mind, I was exploring life; I was being free. 

The truth is, I did feel misplaced, unsettled, lost and stuck, and only when I truly connected to myself, the Divine within me and the people I truly felt good being around; I understand what true freedom is!

I know now that I'm free when I am fully self-expressed when I allow myself to expand. But it took several significant losses, a few deep psychedelic journeys and a group of people that saw me in my most vulnerable states to drop the masks, shed the old beliefs, let go of attachments and allow myself to fully self-express. I allowed myself!

Today, I want to create for you what worked for me in my radical self-expression journey:

  • a community where your true nature is seen, allowed and received 

  • transformational experiences that break down the Ego and connect you to your Divine essence

  • practical ways in which you can design a life that you love based while bringing our more of your true essence

This Mastermind Of Radical Self-Expression is the highest form of self-love and self-acceptance. The mastermind is a container where our human experience meets our divine nature. As vessels allowing the Divine to pour and manifest through us on this Earth; the highest form of self-expression means learning how to embody our feminine energy and harness the power of being a woman while staying connected to our Divine essence and allowing it to move freely through the Ego's construct. 

This group is a small, hand-picked group of change-maker women that will share a beautiful and transformational experience for the next three months.

Your investment: $1,350


Why join?

connect to self

  • learn how to use psychedelics and microdosing for personal transformation 

  • bio-hacking tailored to the female body

  • meet your growing edges and work through blockages 

connect to community

  • a small intimate group of  5 women

  • a shared, connected experience 

  • harness the power of the community for personal growth

connect to divine purpose

  • attune to your divine essence beyond our physical bodies

  • bring your essence into designing a life that you love for yourself and others

If you feel the new energy wanting to create change in your life and the lives of those around you, but you are stuck or confused about where to start, join my next cohort for my Mastermind Of Radical Self-Expression program!


To ensure the highest quality of our next group experience, only those that fit best will be admitted. 

Spots fill up quickly! So don't wait too long. 

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