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Beyond Microdosing 

It's time to make microdosing work for you

You are in the right place if this sounds like you...

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As a newbie 

  1. You feel overwhelmed and confused by all the info you found on Google or Reddit about microdosing

  2. You don't know how to create a personalized microdosing practice to get the results you are looking for, without hiring a coach

  3. You don’t know where to start being and feeling into your body

As a versed microdoser

  1. You’ve tried micro-dosing and you are not getting the results you were hoping for

  2. You’ve tried to bring new habits into your life and it’s hard to stay consistent 

  3. ​You’ve been microdosing alone without knowing if you are on the right track, how others are doing on a similar journey

  4. You are craving community support where you can share YOUR experience and feel seen and acknowledged 

  5. You’ve joined an integration circle but it wasn't the right one for you and there are so many options out there. How do you choose the one for you

  6. You’ve joined an integration circle and you have 1-2 people taking over the conversation and it stops being a collaborative conversation

EXPRESS yourself

We met at The Third Wave coaching program in 2021 and we loved how synergistic and complementary our energies are, and as a result, every conversation or experience together is filled with joy and creativity. It's hard to find people like that where the co-creation process happens naturally just by being in each other's presence. 

Ana is a microdosing coach for women leaders who want to bring more JOY and ALIVENESS in their work and life. She has created ODIN, the first systematic microdosing journal for beginners. She is a ♡ Heart-centred Coach and Retreat Designer

Shelley is a High Performance, Transformation Whisperer. Psychedelic Integration Specialist, she serves those seeking optimal performance, support and vision including couples needing a shift. Entheogen and Microdosing Coach.

we are Ana and Shelley!

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Life is not about making our human experience easier, but about navigating it gracefully with joy.

For that, having the tools and knowing how to use them to make the most out of what comes our way is empowering.

Imagine a life where you…

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  • Are energized and excited each day as you create the life you’ve always loved

  • You know how to intuitively choose any of these strategies to optimize for the day ahead of you

  • Feel seen and loved by people you admire and you love learning from

  • You have a sense of belonging in a community where your unique contribution is valued

  • Feel empowered and inspired to take on any new challenges or unknowns as you walk through life

  • Gracefully navigate obstacles and roadblocks as they appear

A self-paced experience with access to specialized guidance and a heart-centered community 

Beyond Microdosing Course

  • Our course is not just about the “How to” or the dosing and the protocols, the medicine but it’s, more importantly, is about how to pair micro-dosing with the specific activities that will guide you to achieve the outcome you are looking for

  • We will support you in getting clear on the desired outcome because only when you know your destination, you can plan for the roadmap

  • We will help you dial in your intuitive protocol by using our method (find your threshold, systematic tracking, intuitive intake)

  • Specialized support that can help you filter through and dial in all the info and choose the suitable protocols, activities, and strategies based on the desired outcomes

  • We have gathered and clustered all the strategies that work best for various outcomes, and we can support you in choosing the ones that work best for you depending on your lifestyle, desired outcomes, etc. (imagine an A La Carte Menu)

  • We offer a safe and private community that will give you the connection, support and friendship you crave AND the opportunity to share your experience where you will feel heard, valued and acknowledged.

  • The opportunity to co-create a macro journey with people with whom you’ve already shared this experience.

  • You will get a discounted price in our upcoming retreats 

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Our promise to you





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Own your life!

feel inspired and empowered in your decisions