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WHAT IS A Hero's journey

This is the part in your journey where you’ve felt the call to adventure, and now the supernatural aid is presenting itself and showing you the direction you’ll have to go. This is it, the tool you need to hop over the threshold and start your quest, your journey through the unknown. 

At this moment, fear, doubt might be paralyzing, but this is the moment you’ve been waiting for so long. So close your eyes, take a deep breath, and as you read through the guide, remind yourself that you, just like me and others, are looking to enjoy and enrich your human experience. 

With the body and mind that was given to you since birth, you experience this world differently than anyone else. Your brain creates meaning about this world like nobody else. 

Your body has sensations and experiences feelings towards the same objective reality like nobody else. Your mind decides what you can and can’t experience. Right now, you are living your own human experience, one among billions of others on this Earth. And the only way to expand your human experience is to expand your mind, your consciousness, your awareness. Psychedelics are one way to do so. 

So, if you ever wanted to go back and not try this, now it’s the time. However, if you decide to move forward, beware that once you expand your awareness of how things are, you’ll think, feel and experience everything differently.

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