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Personalized Microdosing Journey

From stuck to clear to fully-self expressed!

This 4-month program is for change-makers who are ready to re-think and re-design their life and live from purpose but need someone to help get their booty in gear, show them the things they ACTUALLY need to be successful; and show them how SIMPLE and FUN this gets to be!

Does this sound familiar:

  • you feel stuck in your current life

  • you know you are meant to create more significant things in your life

  • you overthink the begging of this new life

  • you can't seem to identify with your current life, community, values, purpose

  • change seems scary, and you need a proven formula that has worked for someone else


Then this program is for you! My mission is to help you:

  • get clarity on what's holding you back

  • support you transition into your new life

  • embody radical self-expression

  • create new habits and meaningful life changes with sustainable results

My goal is to equip you with a customized toolkit, from microdosing to other practices, to feel empowered in designing a life you love.

"Never let fear keep you from living life fully."

The only microdosing journal you'll ever need to track your experience in a systematic way

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