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Microdosing for focus and productivity 

If you procrastinate getting an idea off the ground, you are not alone. Even the most ambitious among us have trouble starting our projects. That is why we created a 15 min a day routine to increase our focus and help us take action on our ideas We show you how to eliminate procrastination in 21 days and defeat your blockages with a combination of motivation hacks and psychology techniques.

21-day intensive overview:

Length: 21 days

15-min a day activities 

Microdosing education

Launching February 1, 2023

Increase your focus in 21 days! It only takes this long to rewire your brain. With consistent action and an easy-to-follow roadmap it's easy to stay on track, motivated and accountable.

Each day, for 15 min you'll get bitesized lessons that will help you stay focused, eliminate distractions, overcome your limiting beliefs about yourself, reduce action oriented anxiety and master your negative thoughts.

Microdosing will enhance your daily practises and make them even more effective in keeping your focus. You'll learn how to microdose effectively to increase your focus and what protocols work best.

We are launching this program on February 1,  2023. It's an online program, through Teachable so you can follow it at your own pace.

your investment!


lifetime access

one time payment 

30-day money back guarantee

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