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How to Accurately Prepare Your LSD Microdoses

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Your practical guide to measuring your microdoses accurately.

Nowadays, microdosing has become such a widespread practice, and everywhere you look there is plenty of information about dosage, schedules, and how to constellate a microdosing kit.

When it comes to calculating your LSD microdoses, the most popular practice is to cut your tabs in small, quasi-equal pieces. While this is one of the easiest ways to do it, it can also be incredibly inaccurate in that the tabs are so small and it is not easy to cut them in equal parts. What is more, is that even if you could cut tabs into equal pieces, LSD is often distributed unevenly, making unlikely that your doses would be standardized. The parts of the tab where LSD is more highly concentrated are called “hot spots”, and when LSD is placed on the paper you could end up having 20μgs on one side and 80μgs on the other, making it almost impossible to accurately determine the dosage of your microdose. 

Even with this obstacle, there is a more accurate way to use your LSD tabs and microdose with them relatively easily. To do so, you’ll need:

  • LSD tabs (know how many μgs your tabs are)

  • Distilled water

  • Alcohol

  • Measuring syringe

  • Calculator

  • Dark glass bottle to store the microdoses

The main reason for using distilled water instead of tap water is that tap water will inevitably degrade the LSD.

How to make your microdoses:  Place your tab into the dark glass bottle and add distilled water. What's important to factor in is the ratio between distilled water and the tab's dosage. For example, if you have a 150μgs tab and you add 15ml water, you know that 1ml of water will contain 10μgs of LSD. Write the ratio on the bottle to ensure that you don't forget, then shake the container and then wrap it in tin foil (LSD gets degraded by light). Let it sit for a day or so, and your concoction will be ready. The aforementioned syringe will help you out with measuring and adjusting your dose. If you want to take 10μgs LSD, that will be equal to 1ml of the water. If you're going to take 12μgs, then you'll take 1.2ml of water, which you can scale up or down according to your preference. 

LSD can last you a few months in distilled water and even longer if you dilute it in alcohol.

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