The Microdosing Challenge: Where to Begin

The 30 Day Microdosing Challenge is designed to build on small daily rituals for profound long term changes. Over the next month, daily habits combined with a daily microdosing protocol can create long-lasting changes to mood, energy, creativity, and beyond.

Are you ready to begin this journey with us? Let's begin.

The 30-Day Challenge Checklist

Gather supplies:

  • 3+ Grams Psilocybin Mushrooms

  • Coffee or Spice Grinder

  • Scale Accurate to 0.01 Grams

  • Glass Jar with Airtight Lid

  • Odin's Microdosing Journal (or Other Dedicated Journal)

  • Empty Capsules (optional)

  • Small Spoon or Nail (optional)

Inform Yourself and Prepare:

  • Set a start and end date

  • Choose a microdosing protocol (to start)

  • Set reminders on a calendar (or on your phone).

  • Determine starting dose

  • Prepare the microdoses

The Deep Work:

  • Set an Intention

  • Commit to Daily Observations and Journaling

  • Schedule Dedicated Time for New Practices

Gathering the Microdosing Challenge Supplies

Before we begin our 30-Day Challenge, gather the necessary supplies. Many of which (coffee grinder, scale, glass jar) are available at department or kitchen supply stores. Empty gel capsules are typically available in bulk through pharmacies and natural health food stores.

Of course, everything (save the magic mushrooms) will be available through Amazon as well.

Select a suitable journal for recording your daily experiences, dose size, and effects. Space for writing, drawing, or painting is encouraged. Odin's Microdosing Journal is thoughtfully designed to capture each subtle experience throughout the Challenge. Along with side space for open daily reflections, it lays the foundations of microdosing and sets up a structure for determining the threshold.

Choose Your Protocol

We all respond differently to psychedelics, even at such small doses. What worked for Fadiman, or Stamets, may not suit your needs. While your protocol may change after the first cycle (depending on your experience), you'll need to start somewhere.

Where should you start? It's helpful to have a schedule to work from. Here are three popular protocols to help you get started. Remember, you can always adjust at any point throughout the Challenge.

Fadiman's Protocol

Dr. James Fadiman recommends dosing one every three days, for a maximum of 10 cycles before pausing.

Day 1: Dose

Day 2: No Dose

Day 3: No Dose


Stamets Protocol

Paul Stamets protocol requires consistent dosing for four days, with a three daybreak. He recommends this protocol for up to three months, followed by a break.

Day 1: Dose

Day 2: Dose

Day 3: Dose

Day 4: Dose

Day 5: No Dose

Day 6: No Dose

Day 7: No Dose


Microdosing Guru Protocol

Based on my own experiences, I have found a microdosing protocol that works best for me. I dose every other day for the most profound effects, without experiencing dosing fatigue.

Day 1: Dose

Day 2: No Dose


Commit to the Deep