This retreat offers the following:


  • A deeper dive into finding out what’s truly yours and not socially expected of you!

  • Getting in touch with your true passions, desires and strengths and using that as a source of inspiration for creating a life/business you love

  • A blueprint for a daily, simple practice that can ground you, nourish your body, mind, heart and soul; practices that are fundamental for connecting you to yourself, connecting your mind to your heart and connecting your actions to your values so you can bring more of yourself into this world

  • Activities that will allow you to reflect and let go of old patterns, ideas, habits, attachments that no longer serve you

  • Activities that will challenge what you know about yourself and what you can create in the world

  • Accountability from a group of women that share the same journey

  • A group of women that can complement and enhance your skills, knowledge, aptitudes etc.

Our retreat is a personalized multi-month process integrating three unique stages:

An at-home preparation

A 6-day immersive experience in Costa Rica

At-home reintegration.

We will be here to guide and support you throughout the whole process.

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We get to look at Old Parts of ourselves, fears, attachments, and insecurities and challenge our comfort zone. We shed what no longer served us to make space for new ways of being to emerge.

Connecting with our Divine essence

In sacred ceremony we found our true essence, we connected with the Divine and found inspiration for new ways of being.



Only when we let go do we allow for new parts to emerge and embed in our being and give birth to a new way of being in the world, new ways to experience everything around us, and new ways to love.

Proposed schedule

Activities and facilitators

Labyrinth meditation

Soundbath ceremony 

Plant medicine 

Yoga and mindful meditation

Temazcal ceremony

Breathwork and ice bath

Ecstatic dance

Attuning to nature and the moon

Our facilitators

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Creator, visionary, founder, pioneer and revolutionary leader in the world of Holistic Wellness.

Marianela has dedicated her entire life to mastering the healing arts, wellness studies, bodywork modalities, Holistic Yoga, Conscious Movement, and interpretation of transformational music, also known as Music for the Soul.



Creators of SuperYou Botanics and the Secret & Sacred medicinal plant garden located at La Senda, Inese and Viktorija are supporters and promoters of all living plants. Using nature's elements — roots, barks, leaves, flowers and seeds —they create holistic multi-purpose remedies to enhance the wellbeing of our bodies and senses.


Visionary, creator, psychedelic guide and coach.

Ana, a psychedelic coach and the creator of Odin, the first microdosing journal, is dedicated to healing others through the power of psychedelics, play, embodiment practices and ancient psycho-technologies such as mindful meditation and Socratic inquiry. She considers herself to be a portal for life to manifest through her.

Retreat location


La Senda is a beautiful blessing, spanning 74-acres and covered in tropical dry forests and meadows. Only a few kilometers away from Playa Tamarindo, it’s easily accessible, yet a prime location for quiet reflection.

La Senda creates a space for serenity and seclusion. Surrounded by nature, you’ll be joined by howler monkeys, tropical birds, and countless other magical creatures.


Energy specialists suggested that La Senda may have once been a sacred, indigenous sanctuary. During our consultations, we discovered various energy centers around the property. Following this realization, La Senda built the labyrinth to amplify this power, charging two strong oppositional energy centers deep within the forest.

The labyrinth, built out of more than 5,000 cacti, is one of the largest in the world. It spans more than 2.5 acres (1 hectare), with almost two miles (3 km) of pathways. Without a doubt, it is the only labyrinth in the world that claims two centers: a feminine and a masculine one. Together, they are united in the Vesica Pisces, the point where creation takes place.


La Senda is a place of abundance, growing its own organic food. The land supports lavish fruit trees, vegetables, bees, and herbs. La Senda supplies Cala Luna with this abundance, to bring people together for magical nights wandering the labyrinth followed by dinner together.

La Senda is more than a well-run farm, it is a place of gathering, connection, and great conversations.


La Senda gathers creators, visionaries, and healers from all over the world. Beyond farm-to-table dinners, this immersive space spawns memorable activities such as kirtan nights, labyrinth walks, herbal tours, Tezmescal and cacao ceremonies, breathwork, ice bath sessions, and even a trance music festival, once a year.


Join us this November in Costa Rica

Watch our experience during April's retreat