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meet me and my why

Hi, I'm Ana.


Hi, I'm Ana.

I left my comfortable and steady growing career as a Special Needs Specialist, back in Romania, to go explore and live across the world, and start from zero in Canada! 

I thought I was looking for adventure when in truth I was looking for myself and the courage to be fully self-expressed. 

After nine years of soul searching, I found my why: to inspire and empower those around me. I found that psychedelics and play are a great combination to heal trauma, connect with myself and allow the Divine expression to pour through me. I found this to be the highest form of self-love!

I am a Third Wave Psychedelic Coach, guiding those who want to design a life that they love based on radical self-expression. If you feel stuck in your life, wanting to bring more of the beauty found during your psychedelic experiences back into your life, I help you bridge the gap.

Modalities I use to connect to self, the Divine and community:

  • microdosing 
  • interoception

  • movement

  • play 

  • visualization

  • breathing techniques

  • sound healing 


Are you ready to let go of a life designed for you and start designing a life that you love?

what clients say

"Ana helped me go deeper into my emotional blockages around commitment and brought awareness as to how I was holding on to my story. Reframing it released my feeling of helplessness."

Simone W.

I appreciate how Ana held the space for me and made me feel supported to explore new emotions emerging within me."

Nicole Y.

Ana brought me into a place of deep trust and genuine connection between us. That alone was beautiful and catered to emotional needs I didn't even know I had.

Clarissa S.

Ana's willingness to take risks and name emotions, or share her intuition as to my internal process, her asking bold questions helped me drop deeper into the truth of my experience, helping me move deep-seated blockages. I feel lighter now! 

Suzanne L.

my transformation started with
the microdosing journey

Learning about Microdosing Psychedelics 

Mid last year, I started learning about microdosing. I stumbled upon the concept while researching the different ways in which people use psychedelics. Immediately it captured my attention with its innumerable reported benefits including better focus, tapping into your creativity, and boosting your liveliness. I felt it was just what I needed as I was transitioning into a new role at work, where creative work was balanced with analytical tasks. I had found it difficult to switch from one mode to the other, often finding myself unproductive and unfocused. Microdosing psychedelics sounded like a great solution. Unlike many, I wasn’t scared of psychedelics and I was eager to experience their insightful effects more often than just once every few months. So I set about my research, having questions like:


  • How much should I take?

  • When should I dose?

  • How often should I dose?

  • What type of psychedelics should I microdose with?

  • What are the benefits of microdosing psychedelics?

  • What are the long-term effects?

  • Are there any side effects associated with microdosing?

writer for Women on psychedelics

Image by Juan Martin Lopez


Benefits and Risks of Microdosing Psychedelics

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