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6-Week Microdosing Transformational Journey

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Change the way you experience your life

Start date

Wednesday, September 14, 2023



  • We meet 2 times a week for 30 min to 1 hour to learn and share about our microdosing experience 

  • You get daily homework and reminders to keep you motivated and focused

Regular price


Limited time offer: $650


LIFETIME ACCESS to all educational material

(activities, mediations downloadable pdf, videos) 

FREE microdosing journal

(get my physical copy of the microdosing journal I designed)

Perfect for you if:

  1. You've Identified a Persistent Issue: You've pinpointed a specific problem, be it emotional, mental, or physical, that's been holding you back, and you're finally ready to address it head-on.

  2. You're Seeking a Mindset Shift: You understand the immense potential for growth that a shift in mindset can offer. You're committed to making this change and are seeking the tools and structure to make it happen.

  3. You Feel Stuck or Unfulfilled: Despite having tried different methods, you can't shake the feeling of stagnancy or unhappiness in your current life situation.

  4. You're Intrigued by Microdosing: You're keen on giving this revolutionary practice a go, but you want to do it right, avoiding common pitfalls and maximizing benefits.

  5. You're Forward-Thinking: The thought of living the same life five years from now sends shivers down your spine. You're ready for transformative change now.

If any or all of these resonate with you, then don't miss this opportunity. The 6-week program is designed to offer solutions to each of these challenges, helping you transition from feeling stuck to feeling empowered.


Self-improvement is more motivating—and more rewarding—when you're not doing it alone.

Benefits for joining my 6-week program

✓ Motivation: Being part of a like-minded community fuels your journey.

Accountability: Regular check-ins and group support keep you on track.

Uncertainty Resolution: Get answers to your questions and clarity on your concerns.

Reassurance: Expert and community support provide the affirmation you need to proceed confidently.

Lifetime Access: Keep all the educational material, videos and audios.

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My name is Ana Maria Badila

The introduction to psychedelics in 2017 was a turning point, shifting my understanding of the human psyche and my inner world from an intellectual level to embodied wisdom. This inner journey allowed me to fully self-express and expand, living outside of the boxes I was forced to live in.​


My mission is to inspire and empower YOU to live according to your true essence, shedding all the conditioning that has programmed you and aligning your mind, body, and heart into a full expression of yourself. You have the freedom to live as you desire, show up as it feels aligned, and create the life you want.

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