How to Incorporate Microdosing into Your Routine

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Microdosing can be a powerful habit and sticking to it might help other habits, you dreamed of having in your life, stick too. Even though starting a microdosing practice is not rocket science, there are a few things that could help or hinder your success.

Below you'll find a checklist of things that would help with your commitment (and maybe even help with your commitment issues, if you have any.)

"because to master twenty-four hours is to master your life." by Aubrey Marcus

What will help you:

  • Get clear on why are you microdosing and set an intention 

  • Decide on a start and an end date

  • Figure out what substance you want to use

  • Pick a microdosing schedule

  • Ascertain your dosage

  • Choose a notebook for daily journaling

  • Prepare everything you need before the start date

  • Be ready for nothing to happen

  • Be ready for everything to happen

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