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6-Week Microdosing Journey

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Change the way you experience your life


Weekly schedule:

  • Start day January 22, 2204 (you will receive an email with all the details so you are ready for our fist Zoom call on Thursday, January 25th.  

  • Every Monday you'll receive an email containing the theme of the week, an educational video, audio meditations, journaling prompts, and setting an intention) to prepare you for the week ahead

  • Every Thursday we meet on Zoom for 1.5h to share about our experience and answer all questions 

  • You will have access to the WhatsUp group where we share daily insights and connect with others in the group

  • Start date: january 22nd, end date February 29th.


Perfect for you if:

  • You are new to microdosing and need guidance to start correctly.

  • You have no prior experience with microdosing and need a clear starting point.

  • You are unfamiliar with microdosing and unsure of how to gauge its effectiveness for you.

  • You have sporadically tried microdosing without committing to a structured system.

  • You feel anxious about trying microdosing and prefer a supportive group environment.

  • You want to explore complementary practices like breathing exercises, journaling techniques, mind maps, and visualizations.

  • You are committed to giving your 100% effort to this method, even if the results differ from your initial expectations. Every experience holds valuable lessons for personal growth.

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the 1st step to personal freedom is Awareness

the 2nd step to personal freedom is Courage 

This program will give you the awareness, courage and confidence to unlock your personal freedom. Are you in?

By the end of the
6-week program you will have:

  • A Foundational System: You'll acquire my personally developed foundational system for microdosing, which you can tailor to your preferences to reap lifelong benefits.

  • Essential Tools: Lifetime access to the tools I've developed (the journal I created, mind maps, visualizations, meditations, letters to yourself, breathing practices for various outcomes, access to high-quality products).

  • Heightened Self-Awareness: Gain a deeper understanding of how you think, feel, talk, and perceive reality, and how these aspects may be holding you back from achieving your life's desires.

  • Clarity on Necessary Changes: Identify the changes you need to make to bring about the transformations you seek in your life.

  • Ongoing Discounts: Enjoy ongoing discounts on quality products related to microdosing.

What's included:

  • The framework that helped me when I started microdosing 

  • Weekly live group calls once a week (on Thursdays at 9am PST)

  • WhatsApp Support Access 

  • Lifetime access to our microdosing toolkit to support you on-the-go (Library with recordings: mediations, visualisations and breath-work sessions)

  • Welcome box valued at $200 (ODIN Microdosing journal + Microdosing products + Gift Set essential oils)

Get your 
Welcome Box!

Valued at $200


Bright Future microdosing capsules

JF Wellness essential oils set

ODIN Microdosing journal

What are others saying

About Ana

My Story: From Beginner to Guide

Like you, I began as a novice in the world of microdosing, knowing very little. Unlike today, the problem I was facing was not enough information. But whether due to too little or too much information, starting this journey can feel overwhelming and confusing.

Questions like "Am I doing this right?" or "Is this even working?" are familiar to anyone starting out. The key, I found, wasn't just more information, but a reassurance in talking to peers about my experience In dugong so, I got clarity and made sense of my internal process. 

This realization is at the heart of our program.

Empowering You to Forge Your Path


This program is more than just sharing what worked for me. It's about providing you with the tools and support to carve your own path, to discover insights that resonate with you personally. My goal is to help you trust yourself more, to deepen your self-awareness, and to navigate past cognitive biases that might cloud your perception.

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